A journey from concept to impact


about JAGENCY Studio

JAGENCY studio is the proprietary methodology that we've built  and tested with both startups and established companies.

We compress the strategy and implementation cycle in a 4 to 12 week process and deliver an execution-ready go-to-market platform and customer acquisition model.

the process

  • Interview of internal and external stakeholders (employees, customers, partners)
  • In depth review of the current platform/product/channels
  • Field exploration, including competitive environment
  • Workshop with the objective to design the Go to Market plan and customer acquisition model (2 – 5 days)

The entire process will last no longer than 6 weeks for a startup and 12 weeks for an established company and will be led by a managing partner

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"After running the JAgency studio methodology over a 6 weeks period, Joyce took charge of implementing our new-go-to market and became our de facto Chief Marketing Officer for the next 12 months”

- Jonathan Benhamou, CEO PeopleDoc