We Design and Operate Profitable Growth

JAGENCY is a Strategic Sales and Marketing  Management Platform and a Business Operator. We believe in lean strategy and high-velocity and scalable execution based on experimentation. We specialize in technology, retail, media, travel, and healthcare. Our clients are Fortune 1000, venture capital and private equity portfolio companies.

We Design and Operate Profitable Growth

Who We Are

Jocelyne Attal

Jocelyne Attal

Jocelyne Attal, CEO, is a global marketing innovator. She has led transformational and profitable growth initiatives for iconic brands and portfolio companies. She is the founder of JAGENCY, a strategic sales, and marketing consultancy established in 2009, based in New York and operating globally. JAGENCY advises executive leadership teams on growth strategies and provides expertise to implement and operate growth plans. JAGENCY marketing practice offers strategic marketing, brand transformation and best practices for execution for Fortune 500, venture capital, and private equity companies. JAGENCY leverages its unique methodology named JAGENCY Studio, to increase performance and accelerate execution.

Previously, Attal held leadership positions at IBM, Novell, and Avaya. At IBM, she was VP of Marketing for WebSphere and was the driving force in making WebSphere a leading brand in the industry. As Chief Marketing Officer of Avaya, Attal led all Marketing functions and Corporate Communication through 16 quarters of profitable growth. For the last 9 years, she worked with large technology and retail organizations on transforming their strategy and go-to-market. She has been part of series B and C startups strategic advisors and operators in High Tech, retail, media, and travel.

Attal has been a keynote speaker at the ANA and Marketing Conferences worldwide. She has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, which named her a Global Leader of Tomorrow.


Alex Attal

Alex Attal

Alex Attal is an experienced executive with a solid track record in building and turning around businesses, improving profitability and revenue growth. He has demonstrated deep technology, sales, and operation experience in digital business transformation services, application services, enterprise software and large outsourcing engagement.

Previously, Alex Attal held senior executive position at IBM, Sage North America, and Fujitsu North America. At IBM, he led the French sales and marketing organization, the worldwide channel marketing organization and was part of the e-business strategic team at IBM Global Services. Alex spent 9 years with Sage software in charge of their mid-market enterprise solution. More recently he ran the business application services business unit for Fujitsu North America and created their digital services division around industry based digital consulting, and disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

He is a decisive and creative leader with demonstrated success in building, leading and retaining high-performance team in multicultural and multinational environment. He is a successful angel investor.



Is innovation about creativity? What are some of the recipes to reclaim the creativity we had as children and we lost because of education and socialization? For those of you who see innovation as creative skills, Tom Kelley and David Kelley from Ideo are sharing their experience on how to reclaim your creative confidence in this article for the Harvard Business Review.

Is innovation about design? Roberto Verganti, founder of PROject Science, describes in his book the strategy of design-driven innovation. The design-driven innovations introduced by Apple, Alessi or Whole Food Markets have not come from the market but have proposed a different and unsolicited meaning and have generated new products, services,and systems, significant and sustainable profit margin, brand value and growth.

Is innovation about process to bring new ideas to the market? Fabernovel has developed a methodology called excubation to bring promising ideas and business opportunities to life. This methodology is based on the belief that large organizations should think and act as startups.

The secret sauce to innovate has not been published yet. There are some necessary ingredients. Creativity, design and process are in the list. You may add your own: change in time of chaos, survival instinct, self re-invention and in the case of startups, recklessness, passion and faith.

But the outcome of innovation is a well published recipe : unique competitive advantage, new markets, market share and profitable growth. It starts with good ideas and get real with very good marketing.




What is innovation?

Just wanted to share sound bites from  Advertising Week and the Brand Innovators Summit.  It is good to confirm that the Customer is the center of the universe and that this customer is a human.  Marketing is not agency driven anymore (?), marketers move at the speed of the customer real time.  The CMO challenge is to run from data to information, to insight and finally to action… real time. Technology and science really help. But you still have to fish where the fish are and the new big market is the Boomer. In 5 years, 50% of the US population will be over 50.

Because of the complexity of addressing all types of media and building the right content, marketing organizations are using more and more specialized agencies and one of the top challenges for the CMO is to align execution.

One of the most interesting presentations at the Brand Innovator Summit was Mark Bonchek’s Orbit strategy. Mark talked about how to create gravity for brands. I liked his idea of transitioning from the sales funnel to the customer journey. Content, curation and co-creation are the new drivers for demand generation.


As co-founder and co-chair of Smart CMO, I had the opportunity to join Emily Greene, Chief Creative Officer at Viva Creative in interviewing exceptional Chief Executive Officers about marketing innovation.  One of them is Daniel Lubetzky, CEO of Kind. Daniel is a serial social entrepreneur who embodies how social marketing coupled with audacious innovation can drive brand differentiation and growth.  Daniel talks about being true to the brand, packaging included. He describes the marketing process as moving from creative to skeptical to evangelist. For him, social media is creating a movement of Kind acts. Check out his interview in this video. Enjoy!

Social Marketing: The Kind act

What We Do

JAGENCY is a Strategic Sales and Marketing  Management Platform and a Business Operator. We believe in lean strategy and high-velocity and scalable execution based on experimentation. We specialize in technology, retail, media, travel, and healthcare. Our clients are Fortune 1000, venture capital and private equity portfolio companies.

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

At JAGENCY, we help you rethink how to address the competitive marketplace and build a sustainable differentiation for your company, specific division, product or solution. The principles of our methodology are based on creating mutually beneficial relationship with customers.

Advantage of Strategic Marketing with JAGENCY:

  • Tap into Senior Marketing Executive Expertise
  • Measure Success
  • Recommend strategy, matched with the right execution and implementation

When to Consider Strategic Marketing Consulting from JAGENCY:

  • To assist your management through the strategic marketing process
  • To assess and rationalize your product and solution portfolio
  • To evaluate the competitive strengths and weaknesses of your company and your competition
  • To build your competitive advantage and differentiation
  • To develop the marketing plan and communications for each target market
  • To establish the metrics and measure performance of your organization


  • Portfolio management
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Go-to-market strategy and execution
  • 360 Communication strategy and execution
  • Agile structure and resource allocation
  • Marketing innovation lab initiatives
  • Digital engagement
  • Integrated campaigns and platforms

JAGENCY Marketing Studio

JAGENCY Marketing Studio

When to consider JAGENCY Marketing Studio:

  •  You have key growth initiatives or you need to identify new target markets for profitable growth
  • You want to launch new products or solutions to existing or new target markets
  • Your Marketing and Communication need an upgrade to face new market challenges or a hostile environment

We work with you and your teams to define the strategic marketing plan and the relevant implementation plan to successfully execute on your key growth initiatives.

Benefits and results:

  •  Create an innovative environment
  • Acquire new marketing skills
  • Acquire marketing tools, frameworks and best practices
  • Build alignment and focus across the marketing team and the leadership team
  • Agree on measurable outcome and steps
  • Execute with accountability and clarity


JAGENCY Marketing Studio is based on mutually beneficial relationship with customers.

Our partners work with your teams to capitalize on your specific growth initiatives. We tailored the agenda and the content based on your objectives and target outcome.


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